Volume Pills Review: The Natural Supplement for Massive Loads of Cum

Volume Pills Review: The Natural Supplement for Cumming Up to 500% More

improved sex life and more ejaculation

Volume Pills

During the moment of orgasm, you may have lost your life, your libido, how long you and your partner have been with you, the size of your dick, and the amount of cum you shoot out during the moment of orgasm.

Cum is not just about the visuals, after all. There’s a reason why those porn stars are getting unloaded. The more cum you produce, the more you orgasm . These translate into contracts that are felt intensely by both you and your partner. Ejaculating is incredibly hot because it’s a huge sign of sexual passion . It’s also a symbol of masculinity and virility , and it’s a turn-on for women, who took it to mean that you were very satisfied in bed. 

You can not exactly control how much you cum . Your ejaculation peaks in your 20s and may decrease as you age. When you ejaculate more than once in a day, the second round results in more watery semen. 

Still, many products out there recognize men’s desire for stronger ejaculation. Whether you’re aiming for a child with your partner or simply wanting it for the pleasure of it, there are ways to boost your reproductive health and ejaculate more . However, many of these products can be harmful, dosing your body with unsafe chemicals. Another common shortcoming is one-sided, but it does not improve the overall quality of your sex life.

So which products work, and which do not? After trying and testing several, we are happy to recommend Volume Pills. Volume Pills are supplements that is made from natural ingredients, and they’re top-notch in terms of convenience, safety, and effectiveness . Before you consider this, check out our thorough Volume Pills Review below! 

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What Are Volume Pills?

volume pills

Using Volume Pills are a popular option for cumming more than ever, boosting your sexual performance. Aphrodisiacs in ancient cultures. 

Volume Pills’ main effect is increasing their volume by 500% over a few weeks . At the same time, results are not just confined to how much you ejaculate. You want to experience more intense and sustained orgasms, better erections because of greater blood flow to your penis, and heightened sexual performance. 

Volume Pills are a standout in the market because they are already millions of users from around the world. Although they were launched more than ten years ago, they’re still in high demand, and their all-natural formula has succeeded.  

Why Take Volume Pills? 

cum harder than ever

Using volume pills improves your libido, erection, or how much you ejaculate. It might be what you’re looking for!

While the most obvious advantage is more, this creates a cascade reaction throughout your reproductive system. To be specific, more blood flows to your penis, so your erections will be harder and firmer. As your semen volume increases, your orgasm becomes more sustained, lasting for more seconds than it usually does and resulting in maximum pleasure. On top of this, because Volume Pills boost your testosterone levels , you’ll have a stronger sex drive. Although you may be in the mood for a single day, you may want to get past this, still cumming hard with several rounds of sex.

It’s not just about you, either. The benefits of Volume Pills will be spilled over to your partner. When you climax , your pelvic muscles contract, and there’s a corresponding motion in your penis. This will be noticeable to your partner while you’re inside her. Surprisingly, the stronger contracts that come with more cum are also enjoyed by women. 

This renewed experience of your sex life has a positive impact on your relationship with your partner. This also heightens your sexual performance. There wants to be more pleasure and passion for both you and her. If you and your partner are looking for a child, then Volume Pills will greatly increase your chances since it affects both the quality and quantity of your sperm. 

All in all, Volume Pills will build up your confidence and upgrade your sexual power. Given these benefits, it makes sense that Volume Pills have remained a sought after product through the years. 

How Reliable are Volume Pills? 

Here are several reasons why Volume Pills are a safe and reliable choice:

  • They’re 100% natural, and side effects are rare
  • They’re affordable and accessible. You can order them from anywhere around the world, and the most expensive package is at around $1 per pill
  • They’re low-effort. You only have to take one to two Volume Pills per day to see effects
  • They’re time-tested, with more than ten years in the game and an excellent reputation 
  • They’re created by a group of experts from Leading Edge Health, which has been a pioneer in sexual health products for more than 15 years. Other best-selling products from the same manufacturer include Semenax and ProExtender
  • All of the volume pills ingredients are verified by scientific studies 
  • You can always get a refund, so there’s very little risk trying it out 

How Do Volume Pills Work?

Of course, we researched about this and find things from our Volume Pills Review. Volume Pills boost your semen volume by increasing your testosterone levels. Testosterone is a major male sexual hormone that stimulates sex drive and semen production. With higher testosterone, you’re more likely to get horny, and your body also produces more semen.

sperm cell

There’s a common tendency to confuse sperm with semen. The sticky liquid that’s released when you ejaculate is the semen. It’s made up of two components: the sperm cells that come from your testicles and the extra fluids released by your reproductive glands. Because Volume Pills rely on increasing testosterone, there’s higher production of both the sperm cells and extra fluids. Likewise, pills that only work on your sperm count don’t necessarily lead to more ejaculation.   

Thanks to its varied ingredients, another effect of Volume Pills is stimulating more blood flow to your penis. This makes erections more achievable, and your penis becomes more sensitive. 

Using volume pills, your orgasm is also affected. In physical terms, when you orgasm, you experience it as a series of muscular contractions on your pelvic floor muscles. During your first contraction, you’re not yet shooting out cum. You actually ejaculate the most during your second contraction, and after that, you release less cum with each succeeding contraction. The more cum you have to eject, the more contractions you will have and the longer your orgasm. By having a huge semen volume, you can orgasm like never before.     

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What are the Ingredients in Volume Pills? 

ingredients of volume pills

No matter how trustworthy a supplement may seem, it’s always worth examining the volume pills ingredients. That is why a part from our article is explaining you its ingredients. The formula for Volume Pills combines zinc with several herbs, many of which are Chinese. Out of all its volume pills ingredients, the most potent are zinc oxide, Ku gua (or bittermelon), Solidilin, and Drilizen. Let’s go over some of the volume pills ingredients:  

Zinc Gluconate 

zinc gluconate

Volume Pills are packed with 24 mg of zinc, which is an essential mineral for everyone. Among its several functions, zinc promotes sexual health in men. You need to have enough zinc in your body to produce plenty of semen. It also supports fertility, upgrading the quantity, quality, and mobility of your sperm. A connection has been noted between zinc deficiency and low levels of semen and testosterone.

Ku Gua

Ku Gua

We learned that this is an Asian herb that’s also known as bitter melon. Ku gua is used in treatments for diabetes, irregular menstruation, and stomach problems. A notable property is that it decreases fat and boosts testosterone levels. High testosterone levels are associated with lower fats in the body, and in moderation, testosterone does a good job of triggering semen production. Ku gua also has the potential to help fight against HIV.      



Solidilin stimulates the brain to produce more dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that’s heavily involved with the brain’s reward system. Dopamine increases feelings of satisfaction and pleasure. What this means for your sex life is that you’ll experience more euphoria and raw enjoyment during orgasm. Your body becomes more sensitive too, so you’ll be more responsive to whatever your partner does.      



Volume Pills has Drilizen that helps your body to create more nitric oxide, which makes blood vessels more relaxed. This causes increased blood flow, and the same mechanism is incorporated in medicine for heart disease and diabetes. Because all of the blood vessels in the body are affected, there’s more blood going to your penis, resulting in harder erections.

Ling Zhi

Ling Zhi

Reishi is a more familiar name for Ling zhi. It’s a type of mushroom that’s prominent in Asian medicine, but it has also become a modern favorite in Western wellness communities. As an antioxidant, Ling zhi has widespread benefits since it enhances the immune system as a whole and lowers stress. It’s part of the Volume Pills formula because it increases libido.  

Hong Hua Fen

Hong Hua Fen

This is a less common herb that’s also known as safflower. Like Drilizen, Hong hua fen is also a vasodilator that improves blood circulation because of more nitric oxide. In Chinese medicine, it’s said to invigorate the blood, which is great for your sex drive! Aside from giving you better erections, studies also imply that Hong hua fen increases sperm count and quality.    

Xian Mao 

Xian Mao 

Xian mao is a well-respected Chinese and Ayurvedic herb that fights against impotence and infertility. It’s considered an aphrodisiac and a natural alternative to Viagra, and it lessens the chances of ejaculating too early, allowing your semen to build up for a more mind-blowing orgasm.

Other volume pills ingredients include Xi lan rou gui, 4,5,7 Trihydroxy flavone, Embilica officinalis, San guo mu, Dong chong xia cao, Tian men dong, and Fucus vesiculosus.   

How do I take Volume Pills? 

Because Volume Pills are supplements, you just have to take one or two pills every day with water. Ideally, space out the pills per day so you can take one in the morning and another in the evening. You can go up to six pills daily, but do note that each pill already has a highly potent dose and you don’t want to overdo it. 

Keep taking Volume Pills for at least two months for maximum results. During the first week of taking it, avoid sex or masturbation. Afterwards, you can indulge yourself and have as much as you want. 

Your semen volume is closely tied to your overall health. When you’re taking Volume Pills, you can amplify their effects by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Get at least eight hours of sleep every day, cut down on smoking and drinking, and eat whole rather than processed food.  

What results can I expect from Volume Pills? 

From our Volume Pills Review, we learned that like most supplements, Volume Pills take time to work because they’re relying on your body’s natural; mechanism. You will already see some effects within the first two to four weeks, but the huge gains tend to come after a month or so. Your semen will typically increase anywhere from 200% to 500%, and you and your partner will notice a marked change in your performance in the bedroom, with more intense orgasms. Many users have said that they were stunned because Volume Pills gave them the best orgasm they’ve had in years, even more than a decade. 

Another change that can Volume Pills do is that you’ll enjoy is that you’ll be able to ejaculate more frequently without your semen becoming as diluted. Even if you ejaculate twice within an hour, your semen will retain a similar quality and potency. As a bonus, your penis will be more sensitive, so you and your partner can have fun with that.

Still, the primary emphasis of Volume Pills is on increasing your semen volume. If you have more deep-seated issues like erectile dysfunction or you’re looking to grow your penis longer, then other products might be better suited for you. Volume Pills deliver significant results and bring on side benefits such as higher libido, but they’re not the solution for every sexual health need.

Ordering Volume Pills 

Where do I order Volume Pills?

Since Volume Pills continue to attract plenty of customers around the world, there are a lot of imitation products out there that are overpriced or lower in quality. To ensure that you get the real thing, go directly to the official Volume Pills website and order directly from there. Just choose your package and have it delivered straight to your home with a few clicks.  

What packages are available? 

A single bottle of Volume Pills contains 60 pills. Assuming you’re taking two pills per day, you’ll finish a bottle in one month.

These are the available packages: 

Package How Long Retail Price Website Price
Starter Pack 1 month $79.95 $65
Everyday Value 2 months $159.90 $110
Most Popular 3 months $239.85 $160
Gold Package 6 months $479.70 $250
Platinum Package 1 year  $959.40 $348.95

When you order from the official website of Volume Pills, you receive a discount, no matter which package you choose. However, the more you order in one go, the higher your savings will be

What should I know about shipping?

Volume Pills have lots of customers spread out across different countries, so you can avail of free shipping wherever you live if you buy 3 months’ supply or more. Another plus is that it’ll be shipped to you as a discreet package. There’s no hint at all of what’s inside, even in your credit card report. 

Can I get a refund? 

The next question for “do volume pills work?” is that “what if it does not work? So what makes it risk-free is that full refunds are available. Try it out for 67 days or around 2 months, and if it doesn’t work for you, you can send back the empty bottles (along with the unopened ones) for a refund.   


Volume Pills are a tried-and-tested supplement for increasing semen volume. It’s doctor-approved, and millions of people over the world have been using it over the past decade. Just by taking it once or twice daily, you can cum as much as 500% more, and there are other benefits thrown in, such as higher libido and more intense orgasms. If you are still thinking about question like “do volume pills work for me” then you are free to check more reviews.

volume pills for better sex

One of the hottest things you can do during sex is to cum long and hard into your partner. That is just working your way to ace your sexual performance. With a full refund available and a doctor-approved formula consisting of natural ingredients, Volume Pills can give you and your partner a whole new sexual experience. Using volume pills boosts your confidence and firing up your time in bed together.

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